lördag 4 januari 2014

The Imperial Gardens (new UE4 enviro)

This is an environment I started working on in UE4 during the holidays, it's inspired mainly by roman and also renaissance architecture, with a bit of leeway to the fantasy side. Was travelling around italy in the summer and have been aching to do something like this since then. Trying to make a more modular and faster environment this time, with as few custom assets as possible (so far two texturesheets for the architecture, one for the floor, one for the rest)
Still working out the shaders, have a few more things planned so that I can get some more variety and life in them, right now its just a b/w mask on a tiling texture for everything, and no vertexpainting etc, so very placeholder. Going to work with masks alot on this enviro, because I want to keep the resolution up, and the texturememory down (also a bit of an experiment)Still alot of assets in the blockout stage, and no assets are really complete yet, good thing with this workflow is that I can iterate on the assets and shaders pretty fast whenever I want without having to redo any work.

 I am using Quixels megascan for the majority of the textures, as I start to do the blendshaders and start mixing things in I will show more, I took one shot of my current groundshader (with very temporary blending)

I finished writing the breakdown for the Baroque environment aswell, will post soon! :)

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