tisdag 10 juni 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order artdump part 2

Back with more wolfenstein-stuff! This time its more environmentassets, random props from here and there, didnt bother rendering everything, just picked stuff here and there. Some of these are also a bit spoilery, giving away some of the settings of the game. Not as sexy stuff as big mechs and guns, but the majority of time is spent doing this kind of stuff, so figured that I would post these aswell. In general all of these were built pretty fast, speed before polish, and didnt bother to sex any of them up before rendering, everything built in Modo, rendered in Modo, as always.

Designs are either by me or the awesome conceptteam at Machinegames.

Oh, and if you think making this kind of stuff is fun, Machinegames are currently looking for artists! :)

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