tisdag 30 oktober 2012

More props!

Added some new props to the scene, aswell as making a cleanup-pass for it, and doing some various fixes here and there. Finally becoming friends with the texture and shader and starting to get some good stuff out of it : )

söndag 28 oktober 2012

Props, props, props!

I posted a thread for my new environment over at polycount: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107672

Been a bit busy so havent made anything fancy, but I made a bunch of new props for the scene aswell as just randomly iterating on parts here and there, it has a long way to go in terms of composition/lighting and layout... ^^

söndag 21 oktober 2012

Mech highpoly renders

Finally made some new renders of that old mech I never really rendered properly and put in my folio, here they are : D

lördag 20 oktober 2012

Some more concept-practise

Cleaned up the first character concept and did another one, the one on the left is..some kind of mechanic, and the one on the right a pilot or something similar ^^ 2d is tricky! Gonna do some livestreaming of building that vehicle I concepted later today.

fredag 19 oktober 2012

Concept-art practise

I've been doing some concept art practise the last two days to get my concept skills good enough to be relevant ^^ Sofar i concepted up a vehicle and a character im still working on : ) Both are for the same environment as the ballbot and the asphalt shader :) More to come soon : ]

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Robot UDK

Ah, here are some quick modelviewer shots from UDK of the robot with the basic bake and temporary shader on it! : ) Next: texturing! Cant wait to see it moving, woo : D

måndag 15 oktober 2012

Ball robot

I have been grinding away on my new scene this weekend together with my friend Markus, who has made the rig for this little robot ^^ Pretty meh render, but i'll post some pics once he is ingame in UDK instead, didnt have time to setup materials and stuff for a proper highpoly render :)

Went pretty fast to build, I was trying out some new modelling methods and they seemed to hold up pretty well : D Trying to switch over more and more to modos weighting tools for sub-d modelling, even though they only work in certain cases :)

torsdag 11 oktober 2012


I did some livestreaming today, some modo modelling aswell as flying around a bit in UDK in my latest scene : ) You can see the video here:


måndag 8 oktober 2012

Asphalt shader!

So I spent some time today making new textures and a new shader for a scene Im doing, I figured I'd reuse an older shader I made a year ago or so, but when I opened it I had to travel back in time to slap myself : D Spiderweb spiderweb! Nodes on top of eachother, stuff that was connected that didnt even work + it was really expensive :D
This is how the old shader looked when I opened it : D

söndag 7 oktober 2012

Starting a blog

Figured I would start a blog as a way to keep track of some of the art I post here and there, since it might be difficult to keep track of, we'll see if its a good idea or not! I'll probably post random thought and tricks about 3d aswell here : ) For now, lets test with a WIP of my latest project. : ))