fredag 30 maj 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order artdump part 1

So, its time to post some of the art I made for Wolfenstein: The New order which got released a week or so ago. This is just highpolymeshes of various things I made for the game, will have to post a second batch later on as I get around to render them. Ingame assets will also have to be a separate chunk. Hope you like it!

All designs are either by me or the awesome conceptart-team at Machinegames. All modelling is done in Modo.

söndag 25 maj 2014

Door lowpoly part 1

Wrapped up the static parts of the lowpoly for the door. Had some import errors with a new exporter from modo, so the lowpolymeshes became a bit broken in their normals, will have to work around that. Also a bunch of details etc that are missing and some sloppy bakes, but almost done. Only the moving parts left and then I can start texturing.

lördag 10 maj 2014

Finished scifi-door

So I finally wrapped up the highpoly doors. I got to the point with this model that I just convience-modelled. Just putting easy things in there just to wrap it up. Not as happy with how this side of the door turned out, not as interesting shapes, but hopefully it will be a nice contrast to the other side of the door. Not really a detailed model though, but it took quite some time just because I fiddled with some new tools and spent some extra time designing it. Also some of my workflow is still in shambles after moving to a newer version of modo where a whole bunch of scripts either dont work at all, or just work alot slower.

Yay lowpoly time!

måndag 5 maj 2014

More highpoly door WIP!

Started working on the other side of the door now that half is finished. Figured out all the animating parts and made sure taht everything works without intersecting etc, and started detailing things out. (Just light usage of meshfusion on this one)

torsdag 1 maj 2014

Finished door part 1

Wrapped up the highpoly for this part of the door, time to tackle the other side! Some parts I'm not that happy with, but I hope it will fit well in the scene later, and the lowpoly is going to a bit of a nightmare :) I got some questions on how the meshes you get from meshfusion look, so here is a pic of some wires. You do get some problems occasionally if you try to fuse meshes with complex shapes and very uneven polygon-flow though. But the speed and ease of use is well worth it, not like my own meshes are any cleaner anyway, as long as it looks good when I bake or render! :)