söndag 26 januari 2014

More blockout + modular textures

Been kinda busy, so not much work on anything really, kept blocking out things a bit more, not spending too much time on this piece, since I'm trying to reuse a modular set of textures to create a couple of different structures. The original setup was in UDK, but now im transferring it over to UE4, so need to redo the shaders and the surrounding scene, which will take some time, but atleast I got the main shader functionality up and running :)

söndag 19 januari 2014

Abandoned worlds

So, a little break from the roman stuff on the blog, I'm still working on it, just don't have anything interesting to post atm. I'm also doing a series of mini-enviros on the side, just for design/workflow practise. Right now I think I will do three separate mini-environments in the same setting/style, using the same modular textures, just for practise and fun. Here is a quick mockup of one of them (another one is actually already done, will share that later), this is some kind of abandoned powerstation, just the unshaded mockupmodel for now:

lördag 11 januari 2014

Floors, Rocks and gardening

I kept abusing my modular texture a bit more and used it to make some more proper stone paths aswell as a floor for the interior. It works pretty fine, but I will have to improve the shader a bit more and add some vertexpainting and wear&tear in it soon, so I can have some more variety in the surfaces.

When I added all the paths to the garden some of the shapes were really clashing, so I had to come up with something new for the parts where the trees are growing, which in turn meant that I had to move the trees around to make them fit better. I also think as an added bonus I got some more interesting shadows with better distrubution that I had before, so..that was a good idea! ^^

onsdag 8 januari 2014

Puddles & Mockups

Added some quick puddles to my groundshader, still have to sort out the displacement on them, and add a larger area of wetness around them, but you gotta have puddles, because its nextgen! Also kept on improving my meshes alreound and iteration on them, sorting out issues and testing my way forward a bit. Soon have to do another pass on the environment shader and sort out the vertexpainting and masking on them for real :)

söndag 5 januari 2014

Mosaics and pillars

Today I made a shader for my mosaics, that I will use here and there. In the pictures its the floor of the central temple in the scene. Still need to work a bit on the blending, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Still need to make some more interesting and richer mosaic patterns, with more color and some custom motifs.

Also tried baking out a quick lowpoly for the modular pillars I will be using. Still need to create the capital (the most fun, and hardest part) for the pillars, but otherwise I'm quite happy with them.

lördag 4 januari 2014

The Imperial Gardens (new UE4 enviro)

This is an environment I started working on in UE4 during the holidays, it's inspired mainly by roman and also renaissance architecture, with a bit of leeway to the fantasy side. Was travelling around italy in the summer and have been aching to do something like this since then. Trying to make a more modular and faster environment this time, with as few custom assets as possible (so far two texturesheets for the architecture, one for the floor, one for the rest)
Still working out the shaders, have a few more things planned so that I can get some more variety and life in them, right now its just a b/w mask on a tiling texture for everything, and no vertexpainting etc, so very placeholder. Going to work with masks alot on this enviro, because I want to keep the resolution up, and the texturememory down (also a bit of an experiment)Still alot of assets in the blockout stage, and no assets are really complete yet, good thing with this workflow is that I can iterate on the assets and shaders pretty fast whenever I want without having to redo any work.

 I am using Quixels megascan for the majority of the textures, as I start to do the blendshaders and start mixing things in I will show more, I took one shot of my current groundshader (with very temporary blending)

I finished writing the breakdown for the Baroque environment aswell, will post soon! :)