onsdag 25 september 2013

Outdoors and more polish

I have been going through some textures, polishing them and adding some detail normals here and there indoors, aswell as working on the facade . Got the basic wallshader running aswell as adding some quick windowframes etc. Need to do a shader/texturepass on them aswell as adding proper windows, and a better texture for the walls. Planning on filling the fountain with murky water, aswell as giving the rocksurfaces a better shader with some moss blending etc.

Making real Ivy to cover the base layer I put there with the shader. I put a solid baselayer of ivy under the real ivy, so I can get away with having less ivy added to the scene and still having a sense of depth to it. Have to sort out the foliage at some point ^^ Still lots of very temporary unpolished geometry outdoors, like the facade, and all the placeholder trees ^^

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