måndag 3 december 2012

Far Cry 3 & dDo!

So Far Cry 3 just got released a few days ago, big grats to the guys at Massive :D (and the other ubi people ofc!) Metacritic score of 90+, pretty awesome! Worked on this back when I was still at Massive, happy to see some of my art is still in there :D /guns and props) Might bother to dig up some screens for the folio later :)

Another cool thing that is out now is the beta of ddo :D (which everyone probably have heard of anyway...)


Supercool tool, will change alot of peoples workflows for sure! Also its almost cheating because they took my models and now they look better then when I textured them by hand... god damnit. Im a huge fan of efficient pipelines, so... hell yes, its awesome. Will be using this alot from now on :) Gonna try to do some more streaming this week aswell, and I need to recap my old baroque environment and do some straming/tutorials for that... when I have time :)

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